BaseVenture: Applying SaaS Technology to the Middle and Back Office

Aug 12 2016 | 3:17pm ET

Dynamo Software: Using the Cloud to Configure End-to-End Apps

Jul 29 2016 | 6:51pm ET

HedgeSpa: Powerful Predictive Analytics For Hedge Funds

Jul 21 2016 | 8:58pm ET

Xenomorph: Manage, Cleanse and Analyze More Data Faster

Jun 16 2016 | 12:08am ET

Enova Decisions: A Platform For Real-Time, Scalable Predictive Analytics

Jun 1 2016 | 3:55pm ET

GDR: Using Technology to Crack the 'Trust But Verify' Challenge in Marketplace Lending

May 17 2016 | 11:29pm ET

AlphaSense: Cutting Through Information Overload

Apr 28 2016 | 11:38pm ET

Imagine Software: Custom Apps for Real-Time Portfolio, Risk and Regulatory Solutions

Apr 8 2016 | 11:37pm ET

Axioma: Innovation and Flexibility in Enterprise-Wide Risk Management

Mar 10 2016 | 8:44pm ET

SEI: Customized Operating Capabilities For Investment Managers

Mar 2 2016 | 11:13pm ET

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