Unigestion's Frick Elected To Board Of Sustainable Finance Geneva

May 24 2017 | 9:50pm ET

Unigestion CEO Fiona Frick has been elected to the Board of Sustainable Finance Geneva (SFG), a global association that serves as a center for innovation in, and collective intelligence about, sustainable finance.

With the election, Frick joins the thirteen members of SFG’s Strategy and Surveillance Committee, which determines the strategic objectives and priorities of activity for the organization.

An active member of Unigestion’s responsible investment committee since its inception five years ago, Frick is an advocate for Responsible Investment and the integration of environmental, social and governance criteria into the investment decision making process. 

Unigestion is a signatory to the UN supported PRI and is also an active member of Swiss Sustainable Finance. 

“Unigestion has a culture of responsible investment, and we continue to make that a priority as we believe it is our duty to clients,” said Frick in a statement. “Joining the Board of Sustainable Finance Geneva gives me an opportunity to work with the innovative financial community in the city and collectively reinforce the importance of continuing to improve sustainable finance.”

Sustainable Finance Geneva was founded in 2008 by fifteen investment industry professionals and has since grown into one of the leading platforms for sustainable finance, bringing together public authorities, academic, private and public finance sector executives, international organizations and NGOs.

Starting at Unigestion in 1990 as a fundamental analyst and working her way through a number of senior positions, including head of equities and service as an investment manager on high yield and convertible debt funds, Frick was appointed CEO of the company in early 2011. The Geneva-based company manages $23 billion in client assets across four areas of expertise: equity, multi asset investing, private equity and alternatives. 

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